This guide will help you nail customer development

Get comfortable in your users heads. See what they see. And build accordingly.

What is Customer Development?
The practice of gaining customer insights to generate, test, and optimize ideas for products and services through interviews and structured experiments.

Why do I need to do it?
It helps you build products that customers want and avoid spending time and money on products customers don’t want.

Why are you making this guide?
I’ve yet to see a guide on customer development that isn’t long and convoluted. All we want to take away from our efforts are answers to questions like:
“What should we build?”
“How should we market it?”

While customer development, or more specifically, jobs-to-be-done research helps you answer these questions—resources on these are limited and confusing. You end up spending more time learning how to do it, than actually doing it. 

I’ve run around in circles doing customer development cycles and used different frameworks, templates, guides, and unnecessary processes. I wasted time and didn’t get satisfactory results.

From the times things went well I found that aggressive reduction and simplification was key.

Taking what I learned from these successes; I am preparing a guide, with a linear, simple process for effective customer development. It will take you through the process using the leanest of methods.

I’ve designed it to equip you with the knowledge to know your customers’ problem as well as they do, understand the context surrounding it, reveal their struggles, and their motivations.

You’ll be able to learn who your real competitors are, and position yourself to slay them.

Above all, you’ll be able to design a product that goes above and beyond for your customers.

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